2015 VX World Championships

VX World Championships
5:15pm England Youth 209 v 99 India
6:00pm England Youth 198 v 163 England Senior
6:30pm England Senior 241 v 133 India
7:00pm England Senior 254 v 194 England Youth
7:30pm India 127 v 204 England Senior


2015 V2 VX World Cup Scores

Quarter final results
J Brown 103 v 106 L Leckenby
C Alsop 98 v 90 D Raper
S Snowdon 115 v 82 J Foster
T Hildreth 102 v 72 M Horsfield
Semi Final Results
L Leckenby 83 v 92 C Alsop
S Snowdon 115 v 82 T Hildreth
3rd/4th Playoff
L Leckenby 118 v 111 T Hildreth
C Alsop 106 v 165 S Snowdon
Plate Competition
Semi Final Executive Cup
S Tiwari 26 v 8 HK Sohi
V Gupta 43 v 25 GK Sohi
3rd/4th playoff
HK Sohi 38 v 20 GK Sohi
Final S Tiwari 32 v 23 V Gupta

2015 VX World Cup Rankings

The 2015 VX World Cup took place in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK

Senior World Rank Name
1st S Snowdon Eng
2nd C Alsop Eng
3rd L Leckenby Eng
4th T Hildreth Eng
5th J Brown Eng.
6th D Raper Eng
7th J Foster Eng
8th M Horsfield Eng
9th S Tiwari India
10th V Gupta India
11th H K Sohi India
12th G K Sohi India
Masters World Rank Name
1st P Hildreth Eng
2nd C Broughton Eng
3rd A Foster Eng
4th K Bruin Eng
5th S Tiwari India
6th V Singla India
Youth World Rank Name
1st T Brown Eng
2nd W Charters-Ried Eng

VX reaches the Basque Country

Officers from Global VX recently flew to Bilbao to help establish the latest National Governing Body to join the VX family.

This initiative was the result of an enquiry by a Basque teacher, Egoitz Campo Gonzalez who found the sport on the Internet and wanted to introduce the Yorkshire-born sport of VX to his home region.

Egoitz laid the foundations for the trip by finding a number of people to be VX teams for a tournament.  Craig Buttery, the Global VX Commissioner, and his two colleagues arrived on the Friday for meetings with Egoitz and then on the Saturday they went to a local public Pelota court to meet the people who were coming to play.  As one of the roots of VX is Basque Pelota this was a big moment for the guys from Global VX.

As people began to arrive and pick up the sticks, local children watched with interest, then, as people started to play, the children drifted into the court and wanted to join in.

One of the beauties of VX is that beginners can play at a fast pace within a short space of time – many schools use it to encourage participation amongst non-sporty children by getting them together, then running a tournament after 20 minutes coaching.  The same approach was taken with the beginners in Bilbao.  The players had a short introduction and were then put into teams for some practice matches followed by a tournament.

Craig said: “This is wonderful – there are males and females, sporty adults to young children.  This is the power and the beauty of VX.  We work with some fantastic people across the world and Egoitz has joined that number.  We have seen some very promising players here this afternoon.”

Egoitz himself, was delighted with the response: “They told me that if people just saw it they would come in and want to play.  I didn’t believe them but that is exactly what happened!  I didn’t realise there would be such an amazing impact.  We have a lot of plans – we will meet and play regularly.  We want to set up an association and clubs.  We plan to come to England to learn more and we would like to get to the point where we can host an international tournament – we have big plans for VX in the Basque Country!”


Global VX gratefully recognises the immense support of Ripon Lions

Statement from Global VX Commissioner Craig Buttery:

We have just had confirmation that Ripon Lions are making a substantial donation to Global VX for the running of the VX Games 2015. This will help with the costs of medals and venue hire and is a massive help. Ripon Lions have been good friends to the sport of VX for several years and have been very supportive on many occasions in many ways, however this is the largest donation they have made and is more help than they know.

We really value our relationship with Ripon Lions and are proud that there is so much cross-over between Lionism and the core values of VX. VX has a great impact in the community, gives opportunities to young people, is accessible to people of all abilities from all walks of life, builds bridges and links communities. Ripon Lions know that we are a young sport struggling for funds and their ongoing support has been invaluable. On this occasion we are expecting players from a wider range of countries than ever and the help from Ripon Lions is making this event possible.

To the Ripon Lions Club – thank you so much for this donation and also thank you all for your support on so many other occasions – and for your vision in recognising the impact of our sport.


VISION SPORT press cutting – NEW VISION, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.52.44 PM

After a training stint in England, VX Uganda CEO James Hashindihe is optimistic that the future of the new indoor sport is brighter in Uganda.

“Though we did not get material help, we fetched resourceful information which is very important for capacity development,” Hashindihe said.

“This is a valuable experience which will help us as we develop our national squad ahead of the world cup. I’m delighted to be here – and today’s experience at the conference was great fun. We met some great people and the impact of VX is always the same,” he said.

Hashindihe and VX Uganda head coach Gerald Kanyesigye returned from UK recently after a month-long training stint in England.

England head coach Paul Hildreth who facilitated the pair pledged to help to develop the new indoor sport in Uganda.

“We are delighted to have Gerald and James stay with us and work with us for a month,” Hildreth said.

VX is an indoor sport played using stingers (stick-like tabs) to scoop the ball and target the opponents body. For direct hit on the body, the shooter earns a point.

A letter from VX Uganda

Website: www.vxuganda.org
Email: info@vxuganda.org
Telephone: +256 784 998 202
E: ceo@vxuganda.org
W: www.vxuganda.org
T: 0784998202 / 0700836969
Friday /27TH/ 3 /2015
The C.E.O VX UGANDA James Hasindihe and Head Coach Gerald Kanyesigye here by expressing our heartfelt thanks to the VX
families especially with PMHJ family where we realized a warm comfortable VX home atmosphere characterized by
tremendous VX sessions where we learnt new skills and tactics, good accommodation, good feeding, excellent sense of
humour especially when Maggie cracked it when James hadn’t fasten his seat belt that the warning sound was running
through the police xxx. We can’t forget Maggie’s cooking especially Gerald developed an attachment with Yorkshire puddings

We would like to say thanks to Karen and family for all your efforts which gave us ‘’at home feeling’’ and again Calvin cracked
when James needed more hot spice so he brought fire to burn his tongue so as he feels the heat directly xxx

We were blown away at Helen’s home. We were surprised with YORKSHIRE GIFTS. We now have what to show as a symbol
that we have ever lived in Yorkshire we will flame the art pieces. James’ appetite pulled it off when he ordered for a large
pizza not knowing that he was opting for a defeat battle.

We learnt NGB management skills on our visit to Global VX Craig S Buttery. Craig and Tracy shared VX knowledge which
expanded on our VX knowledge. James easily recognized Tracey’s good axcent that was soundly different until he was
explained to why it was so. The Bullz club session was another feel at home moment that we enjoyed.

The C.E.O VX England Ian Crosby showed us love when he joined us in Manchester during the exhibition at the university of
Uclan followed by a surprise of a night out which turned out to be Gerald’s last dinner in UK for this trip.

We thank Stirling and Kristal for the motivational speeches. We are sure that we will keep our VX Guns up forward and yes,
thanks for donating the IT equipment they are such of a great use here. Again James couldn’t stand the sea food.

We could see that all VX families making ends meet for us to feel at home. Having Say that, we couldn’t have kept in UK for
any time minus the family of Paul, Maggie and Jesse which provided the residence. It’s too dear to stay in UK for a month and
a week we spent there. For the time we stayed in UK, we were accommodated comfortably, fed (Yorkshire puddings),
watered and wined better than what a hotel could. James ‘mum passed on her thanking to Maggie for the fortified wine you
bought her.

We realized a friendly atmosphere from all VX players towards us something which pulled attention together that we couldn’t
think of home (Uganda). Having said that, Scot .M proved a point when he donated 5 pairs of boots to us.

The adventures you threw to us were worth of a kind that we never had before. From the horn blower in Rippon, to the walls
of Vikings in york town, to the National Railway museum, the Black sheep Brewery, River Ure, conferences and exhibitions in
different schools and universities , the North Coast ( we remember fish and chips ), the Red Arrows jet show off, Ipswich, theWhite Horse, Balton castle. The London trip was another one that we had a lot from the London eye, Buckingham palace, the
Big Ben, the underground railway complex, the Uganda house. We miss Newton on Ouse.

Yours in sport
E: ceo@vxuganda.org
W: www.vxuganda.org
T: 0784998202/ 0700836969

Awards for VX-er

Tom Hildreth of Newton-on-Ouse, Head Coach of Ripon VX Club was the proud recipient of two Highly Commended Awards at the 2014 Harrogate District Volunteer Oscars.

Tom was rewarded primarily for his efforts with the club. He has been Head Coach since the club was founded and although he doesn’t live locally, each week he drives a round trip of over an hour to run the Ripon Club, taking no money to cover expenses despite the financial sacrifices he has made for the sport. Under his guidance the club has grown to the point where it is recognised as one of the leading clubs in the sport. As a number of players left for university last year Ripon have had to rebuild and at the beginning of the season were candidates for relegation, however under Tom’s guidance they qualified for the National Championships where they did enough to qualify for the UK Club Championships were they fought a hard battle to clinch the runner-up spot. As well as this Ripon also managed to grab the runner-up slot at the National Knockout Tournament.

Tom is a leading figure in the development of VX. As well as his work with Ripon he was instrumental in its adoption by the ATC, runs a number of after-school clubs in the Ripon area of North Yorkshire and was made tactics coach for the England VX squad. As well as excelling in his chosen sport he has personally made many sacrifices, including financial, to promote it, having a particular impact in the Ripon area.

Tom received the award in recognition of the fact that he has sacrificed a lot of earning power to dedicate himself to the development of his chosen sport working full time for very little money. Unlike his counterparts in more well-known sports he doesn’t get the recognition or remuneration for his sacrifice and efforts. His dedication and the amount of work he does for free to involve youngsters and further develop his chosen sport is amazing in one so young. Indeed, apart from the nominees in the ‘Young Volunteer’ category, Tom was by far the youngest volunteer present, which is indicative of the opportunities and responsibilities available to young people in the young sport of VX.

Tom was delighted with the awards: “That was a wonderful surprise – and to be called up twice was an even greater surprise. It’s great that the impact of VX in the community is being recognised. I am proud to be part of a sport that is inclusive, is totally mixed and promotes honesty, integrity and sportsmanship.”


2014 UK Club Championships

Below are the results for the 2014 UK Championships

Game 1 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
HellDivers 55 78 133 63 196 67 263
difference -45 10 -35 -23 -58 -18 -76
Cannons 100 68 168 86 254 85 339
Game 2 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
Phoenix 103 106 209 75 284 102 386
difference 54 64 118 43 161 59 220
Vanquish 49 42 91 32 123 43 166
Game 3 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
Cannons 47 57 104 32 136 76 212
difference -17 -37 -54 -54 -108 9 -99
Phoenix 64 94 158 86 244 67 311
Game 4 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
HellDivers 54 -54 0 145 145 46 191
difference -10 10 0 -52 -52 -2 -54
Vanquish 64 -64 0 197 197 48 245
Game 5 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
Phoenix 100 84 184 116 300 82 382
difference 76 51 127 95 222 59 281
HellDivers 24 33 57 21 78 23 101
Game 6 Score after Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Score Score after Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Score Score after Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Score Final Score
Cannons 63 76 139 68 207 62 269
difference -10 8 -2 -21 -23 18 -5
Vanquish 73 68 141 89 230 44 274

Clean Sweep for Phoenix


Phoenix, from York VX Club, completed their clean sweep of all competitions recently as the won the UK Club Championships in style to emphasise their current dominance of the VX world.

Three years ago it was HellCats who completed the clean sweep, but they lost one match in the season, to Ripon Vanquish. Phoenix have achieved their clean sweep without losing a single match – and in another twist, Liam Leckenby has now done the clean sweep twice – once with HellCats and now with Phoenix!

At the UK Club Championships Phoenix, who were without injured captain Carl Alsop, watched as Scottish Champions, the Falkirk Cannons, shocked a weakened HellDivers by recording a storming 339:263 victory.

Phoenix were up next against Vanquish and gave notice of their intention as they ripped into the opposition from the off, building up their lead quarter by quarter to record a stunning win of 386:166.

Phoenix were on court again after a short break to face the Cannons who had performed so well against the HellDivers, but at the moment there isn’t a team that can touch Phoenix. Cannons, however, are not Scottish champions for nothing and fought back hard. Stung by Scottish response, Phoenix moved up a gear and increased their lead, but the Cannons still fought back and even took the last quarter but it wasn’t enough and Phoenix won their second match 311:212.


Next up was HellDivers against Vanquish, who came out of the blocks, tearing into their opponents, not letting them settle but HellDivers fought back hard and the first quarter difference was a mere 10 points in favour of Vanquish. Vanquish, however, superbly led by player-coach Tom Hildreth, were settling as a team swamped the HellDivers to go into the final quarter leading 197:145. HellDivers pulled out all the stops in the final quarter but all they could do was get close to Vanquish, losing the quarter by a mere two points and the match 245:191.

HellDivers then had to enter the maelstrom of a match against Phoenix who had one hand on the title and were determined there was going to be no upset. And so it proved to be – Phoenix swamped the exhausted, weakened HellDivers and stormed to a comprehensive victory 382:101, taking the title in an emphatic manner.

The final match, Cannons v Vanquish, was now set to decide second place. Both teams tore into each other but it was Vanquish that took the first period to lead 73:63. Cannons regrouped and fought back taking the second period by 8 points to go into half time losing by a mere two points. Shaken by this, player-coach Tom Hildreth, marshalled his team and, leading by example, ripped into the opposition. With Cannons unable to settle, Vanquish built up a 23 point lead to go into the final quarter sitting a little bit more comfortably. They had, however, underestimated the fighting spirit of the Cannons who were not going to give in. They upped the tempo and took the game to Vanquish who found themselves fighting a rear-guard action, feeling lucky in the end to hold back the Cannons and squeeze a 5 point victory, 274:269, thus claiming second spot in the UK’s top VX tournament. Not bad for a team tipped for relegation at the beginning of the season.

CEO of VX England, Ian Crosby, said: “What an amazing day. We have seen some superb VX, played in a great spirit of sportsmanship. We were delighted to welcome the Cannons. I know they have been rebuilding and these young people are clearly going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future – that is reflected in the well-deserved award of Player of the Tournament to Cannons’ Sara Plummer. Well done to Vanquish for the way they have turned their season round – but Phoenix! what can I say? Clean sweep with 100% record. It doesn’t get better than that!”