Uganda report May 2014


England Head Coach Paul Hildreth and V2 World Champion Tom Hildreth have just returned from a successful trip to Uganda. Tom and Paul went to support the efforts of the VX Uganda team in their efforts to promote the sport in Africa.

Arriving at 0300 at Entebbe Airport Tom and Paul were greeted by Hasindihe James of VX Uganda and Bakaze Robert of VX Africa with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation filming the arrival for the evening news.

After catching up on a little sleep work started Tuesday afternoon with a masterclass as Ugandan players were brought up to speed on new techniques and tactics. From then on the trip was a whirl of masterclasses and coaching sessions and meetings. Added to this was a trip to Bethany High School, attended by the press and Urban TV, where students were introduced to the sport by Tom and the local hero, V2 African Nations Champion Malingha Timothy. A report of this visit was shown on Urban TV on Wednesday evening (

With positive interest being shown by the National Council for Sport and potential sponsors including Brussels Airlines, the trip was exceeding all expectations. Thursday saw a third TV report as Star TV broadcast a report of the masterclasses.


Friday saw a long-awaited match between the African Nations Champion and the World Champion. The match started crisply and Tom quickly took control as Timothy was clearly affected by nerves. At half-time Tom was leading 44-31 but Timothy gathered himself and took the match to Tom in the second half, not letting Tom play his normal game. It wasn’t enough, however, and Tom took the match 94-77. After the match Tom said it was probably one of the hardest matches he had experienced.10390219_589302311178033_4922860715404422076_n

Friday evening Tom and Paul were live in the Urban TV studio and then went from there direct to the airport for the long flight home.

Paul said: “The trip exceeded all expectations. Massive well done to Robert and James for the groundwork they did beforehand, however the hard work starts now. A lot of doors are open and and we have lots to do to capitalise on this. These guys have achieved a lot in 18 months and we now have the opportunity really grow the sport in Africa. I am very impressed with how the players have come on since the last time we saw them. Uganda is falling in love with VX and you can see how important they think it is and what an impact it has from the fact that they showed it on TV every single night we were here. If this trip has told us one thing it is that we need to come back very soon. I’m also looking very much to bringing England players over here.”

VX on Transworld Sport


Falkirk Cannons to make their TV debut!

In February Channel 4’s Transworld Sport spent two days filming Scotland’s top VX Club, the Falkirk Cannons and the results will be shown at 0700 on Saturday April 5th.

The Cannons who have 2012 Youth V2 World Champion Meghan Plummer and 2011 V2 World Champion Scott MacMichael in their ranks set the pace in Scotland having won the Scottish title several times and also the UK Club Championships.

Transworld Sport filmed the Cannons in training on the squash court and at landmarks in the local area, also interviewing the players and head coach Gordon Archibald who also leads the Scottish VX Association.

Global VX Commissioner Craig Buttery was delighted with the Cannons’ achievement: “Transworld Sport is a very important TV programme in the world of sport and we are delighted for the Cannons that they are being featured.  We are very proud of all that Gordon and his colleagues have achieved with VX in Scotland.  We’re also proud of the Cannons who set the benchmark for achievement in Scotland and it is fantastic that they were chosen by Transworld Sport.  VX is a fantastic new sport that has come a very long way in a short time.  It is inclusive and accessible to all and we are delighted that people are now starting to recognise the amazing impact that it has wherever it is played.”

Paul Hildreth, one of the inventors of the sport was equally delighted: “Nothing I have ever done in my life has the impact that VX has and I love the fact that the sport now has an opportunity to be seen by more people.  I am blown away by the work done by so many volunteers around the world who have taken this and worked so hard to grow our sport and I am delighted for the Cannons that they are getting this recognition.”

The feature can be seen on Transworld Sport on Saturday April 5th at 0700 and then on Channel 4+1 at 0800.


Well done the Cannons!

2013 V2 Senior Results

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VX at Careers in Sport Roadshow, Edinburgh

VX featured recently at the Careers in Sport Roadshow at the University of Edinburgh.  We were fortunate to be assisted by England International Hannah Hale and Scotland International Meghan Plummer.  Meghan was V2 Youth World Champion 2012 and in 2013 was selected for the senior squad.  In her first senior competition she gained a very creditable third place becoming the highest ranked woman in the world.  Meghan and Hannah helped introduce the sport to new players and played a number of informal exhibition matches


Meghan Plummer and Hannah Hale

Meghan Plummer and Hannah Hale

Meghan_Hannah_Exhibition4 Meghan_Hannah_Exhibition5

Rules review 2014

Please note that the Rules review will once again take place on the 21st January 2014 anyone wishing to submit suggestions for rule changes should email me by the 14th January 2014 submissions received after this date will not accepted. Anyone wishing to submit a change must have done due diligence and researched the effects to the current rule book. email submissions to

Association of Sports News Anchors

VX Uganda CEO Hasindihe James is to give a presentation to the Association of Sports News Anchors at their last press meeting of the year, VX Uganda continues to show the VX World how to get into the press and in particular the TV, we look forward to hearing how this goes on the 2nd December.

Scunthorpe VX Club on Estuary TV

Scunthorpe VX Club is to feature on the new Freeview channel for the Estuary area, this is a massive step forward for our sport so check out Freeview 8 on Tuesday 26th November. For those who don’t have Freeview it will be available on YouTube soon after and we will keep you up to date with when that happens.

Global VX Award Scheme

Global VX Awards Badge’s are being rolled out in England Scotland and USA, The scheme is to reward people for the skills that they have learnt during club and school sessions. They consist of, Orange, Green and Blue to start with and these are aimed at the younger age range and then we will have the Bronze, Silver and Gold for our older members.

We would like to thank the Kirkbymoorside Bullz for being our guinea pigs during the set up stage, it was important that we got it right with regards to the skills and at what level they should be pitched at.

All that in place we are now ready to roll it out, though we are looking for sponsors to help reduce the costs or the resource materials and would welcome any contacts that members may have.

Global VX would like to congratulate the following members for being the first to complete their badges.

Heidi Gibson

Luke Pennock Buttery

Josh Pennock Buttery

Pippa Rawson

Sam Rawson

Kirkbymoorside Community School were the first school to participate and we would like to thank them for their help and well done to the following pupils for successfully completing their Orange badge:










VX now in 4 African countries!

On Tuesday the 18th September Commissioner Craig Buttery and Executive Director Paul Hildreth set off on a journey of discovery to Uganda.

The object of the trip was to qualify some coaches for the newly installed National Governing Body in Uganda and to set up another two National Governing Bodies in Tanzania and Kenya. The trip was timely due to the fact that all parties would be in the same place at the same time and made life much easier and cost effective.

Hasindhe James – CEO of VX Uganda

Craig and Paul arrived at Entebbe airport to be met by Bakaze Robert CEO of VX Uganda and Hasindihe James Executive board member and all four took the 45 minute drive to the hotel in Kampala where Craig and Paul were dropped off and booked in ready for a well deserved sleep.

The following day they were picked up by the guys and proceed to the Squash courts at Makerere University to meet the rest of the people who were playing VX, what Craig and Paul saw blew them away, lots of people playing VX and this was all achieved with just 4 sticks half a dozen balls a pair of score counters and a shed load of enthusiasm and determination. They were good!!!!!

The two watched a practice session taken by Gerald Kanyesgye and it was just like they were back at home… only it was warm.

These guys had sat down thought about what they needed to achieve and then went out and delivered. They had only seen video clips and had talked to many of our players in the UK but they managed.


VX Global Commissioner Craig gives an on court talk

During the trip Craig and Paul qualified some coaches and assessors so that they were able to take the sport forward so we now have qualified coaches and assessors in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Ray Carthy VX South Africa CEO


On the second day there while they were watching practice a gentleman called Ray Carthy who was at the University promoting a new South African wine came over to see what was going on. Craig spent the next hour explaining how the game was played and fielding a million and one questions about what they were trying to do. That evening they interviewed Ray who asked if he could present to them how he would like to take the sport to South Africa and develop it there, another new National Governing Body was born, VX South Africa.





On the last day or their trip the guys watched the inaugural African Nations Cup where 3 nations were represented Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and an African Nations Champion was crowned Timothy Malinga.

CEO African Nations – Bakaze Robert

The final act for Craig and Paul during the trip was to promote Bakaze Robert to CEO of the VX African Nations and Hasindihe James to CEO of VX Uganda, both have done an outstanding job in developing the sport and we wish them well in their endeavors.

Why Strength Training for VX?

You may be wondering why strength and conditioning is suddenly becoming necessary for VX Athletes.

Hopefully this short article will help explain the rationale behind implementing an S&C program as well
as provide you with some insight into how it can personally benefit you as an athlete.

Strength training is much more than simply lifting weights to build big muscles. While increasing
muscle mass may be a part of strength training, it is not the end all goal. In fact, a proper strength and
conditioning program develops many different strength qualities at once in order to create a much more
capable and multi-faceted athlete.

As I’m sure you are all aware, VX is a sport requiring skill, speed, power, coordination, agility, muscular
endurance, as well as high levels of aerobic and anaerobic endurance. These qualities, and others, will
be developed much more quickly and in higher levels by a properly targeted strength and conditioning
program than by merely playing the sport alone. It will also help address and correct muscle imbalances
that can lead to injuries which may be caused by sport training alone. In fact, almost every athletic
program in the world, regardless of sport, uses some type of strength and conditioning program to
enhance the performance of its athletes.

Regardless of sport, a solid foundation in General Physical Preparation (GPP) is necessary for all athletes.
GPP is what gives athletes the ability to run faster, jump higher, throw harder, and play longer. The
main goal of GPP is to develop work capacity. Increased work capacity gives you the ability to resist
fatigue and also allows you to maintain high levels of technical skill even after becoming fatigued.
Athletes at all levels of play are subject to fatigue. Our goal is to minimize its impact and increase
mental toughness to allow you to continue to play through it.

Beginning with the Athletic Warm-up video which is now available on VX TV, we will systematically
implement a series of monthly workouts which will build a strong foundation of general physical
preparation and slowly transition into specific physical preparation for VX Sport.

I am very excited about this program and sincerely looking forward to working together with all VX
players and coaches worldwide to grow stronger, more capable, and higher level players from the
ground up!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions at

Train Hard!

Jon Haas
VX Worldwide Strength & Conditioning Coach