Rules review 2014

Please note that the Rules review will once again take place on the 21st January 2014 anyone wishing to submit suggestions for rule changes should email me by the 14th January 2014 submissions received after this date will not accepted. Anyone wishing to submit a change must have done due diligence and researched the effects to the current rule book. email submissions to

Association of Sports News Anchors

VX Uganda CEO Hasindihe James is to give a presentation to the Association of Sports News Anchors at their last press meeting of the year, VX Uganda continues to show the VX World how to get into the press and in particular the TV, we look forward to hearing how this goes on the 2nd December.

Scunthorpe VX Club on Estuary TV

Scunthorpe VX Club is to feature on the new Freeview channel for the Estuary area, this is a massive step forward for our sport so check out Freeview 8 on Tuesday 26th November. For those who don’t have Freeview it will be available on YouTube soon after and we will keep you up to date with when that happens.

Global VX Award Scheme

Global VX Awards Badge’s are being rolled out in England Scotland and USA, The scheme is to reward people for the skills that they have learnt during club and school sessions. They consist of, Orange, Green and Blue to start with and these are aimed at the younger age range and then we will have the Bronze, Silver and Gold for our older members.

We would like to thank the Kirkbymoorside Bullz for being our guinea pigs during the set up stage, it was important that we got it right with regards to the skills and at what level they should be pitched at.

All that in place we are now ready to roll it out, though we are looking for sponsors to help reduce the costs or the resource materials and would welcome any contacts that members may have.

Global VX would like to congratulate the following members for being the first to complete their badges.

Heidi Gibson

Luke Pennock Buttery

Josh Pennock Buttery

Pippa Rawson

Sam Rawson

Kirkbymoorside Community School were the first school to participate and we would like to thank them for their help and well done to the following pupils for successfully completing their Orange badge:










World Championships representation

The VX Combined World Championships are run every 4 years and includes VX (5 v 5) and V2 (1 v 1) only countries that have National Governing Bodies are allowed to compete in this competition.

The V2 World Championships are run annually.

For International representation in a World Cup a player must have had at least one year experience at given version and must have competed in a competitive league in that year.

Example if a player wants to compete in the V2 World Championships they must have been playing for a 1 year and must be part of a National Governing Body that is officially recognised by Global VX.


The host nation for the ay World Championship is decided by Global VX and will be done so with as much notice as is reasonably practicable.

Jack Laugher to be VX Ambassador

In an exciting development for the young and fast-growing sport of VX, Global VX are delighted to announce that Olympic Diver Jack Laugher has agreed to be the sport’s official Ambassador.

Jack, who recently successfully made the transition to senior level, competed at the 2012 Olympics in London and won a gold medal at the World Championships in Sept 2012. He is a former student at Ripon Grammar School which is the VX National Centre of Excellence.

Jack encountered the sport at school when the Director of Sport for Ripon Schools, Helen Mackenzie, introduced VX to the school.  She was then instrumental in making the school the National Centre of Excellence and was so impressed with the impact of the sport that she then got involved with the international administrative body, Global VX.  Helen said: “This is fantastic news for the VX community.  Jack is a wonderful young man.  Not only has he already achieved so much but he is going to go even further and he is a terrific role-model.  We are absolutely delighted to have him in our corner – and a bonus is that he is a Yorkshire Olympian helping a  young sport that was born in Yorkshire.”

VX was developed in the region in 2005 and in its short life has made massive strides to the point where it now has a toe-hold in 23 countries, 13 of which have National Governing Bodies.  It is played in a team version in a sports hall or in singles or doubles versions in squash courts and has competition right through to international level.

Jack said: “I’ve known Miss Mac for a long time and have seen via her the impact that VX has had, so I was honoured when she asked me if I’d like to be involved.  This is an incredibly exciting sport and I’m looking forward to helping spread the word about it.  We have lots of ideas.”


VX now in 4 African countries!

On Tuesday the 18th September Commissioner Craig Buttery and Executive Director Paul Hildreth set off on a journey of discovery to Uganda.

The object of the trip was to qualify some coaches for the newly installed National Governing Body in Uganda and to set up another two National Governing Bodies in Tanzania and Kenya. The trip was timely due to the fact that all parties would be in the same place at the same time and made life much easier and cost effective.

Hasindhe James – CEO of VX Uganda

Craig and Paul arrived at Entebbe airport to be met by Bakaze Robert CEO of VX Uganda and Hasindihe James Executive board member and all four took the 45 minute drive to the hotel in Kampala where Craig and Paul were dropped off and booked in ready for a well deserved sleep.

The following day they were picked up by the guys and proceed to the Squash courts at Makerere University to meet the rest of the people who were playing VX, what Craig and Paul saw blew them away, lots of people playing VX and this was all achieved with just 4 sticks half a dozen balls a pair of score counters and a shed load of enthusiasm and determination. They were good!!!!!

The two watched a practice session taken by Gerald Kanyesgye and it was just like they were back at home… only it was warm.

These guys had sat down thought about what they needed to achieve and then went out and delivered. They had only seen video clips and had talked to many of our players in the UK but they managed.


VX Global Commissioner Craig gives an on court talk

During the trip Craig and Paul qualified some coaches and assessors so that they were able to take the sport forward so we now have qualified coaches and assessors in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Ray Carthy VX South Africa CEO


On the second day there while they were watching practice a gentleman called Ray Carthy who was at the University promoting a new South African wine came over to see what was going on. Craig spent the next hour explaining how the game was played and fielding a million and one questions about what they were trying to do. That evening they interviewed Ray who asked if he could present to them how he would like to take the sport to South Africa and develop it there, another new National Governing Body was born, VX South Africa.





On the last day or their trip the guys watched the inaugural African Nations Cup where 3 nations were represented Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and an African Nations Champion was crowned Timothy Malinga.

CEO African Nations – Bakaze Robert

The final act for Craig and Paul during the trip was to promote Bakaze Robert to CEO of the VX African Nations and Hasindihe James to CEO of VX Uganda, both have done an outstanding job in developing the sport and we wish them well in their endeavors.

VX to host Join In Local Sport event


Ripon VX Club have graciously agrred to host a VX Festival to

fall in line with the Join In Local Sport initiative being funded by the government to try to get people involved in sport on the back of the Olympics. Events are being run all over the count

ry and you can click on the logo to be taken to the website where you can see over 6,000 events.

The Ripon VX Festival will take place at the VX England Centre of Vxcellence at Ripon Grammar school from 1pm – 5pm on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August, so if you are looking for something to do get yourself along to the event and have some great fun.


Who is playing who

Below are the games to be played in each pool this year and includes both age levels it will be interesting to see whether Scott MacMichael (Senior) and Dan Raper (Youth) can retain their tiles this year. It is interesting to see that CArl Alsop winner of the inaugural V2 World Cup in 2010 is back in the fray and of course we have last years runner up in Tom Hildreth. Matti Bergstien from Denmark who surprised us last year will be here once again so all in all the Senior competition looks set to be a doozy.

The Youth competition has the much like Megan Plummer who will push Dan Raper for top spot and Matty Horsfield showed great promise but the rest of the field are unknown quantity at this level which makes for a very interesting competition.

Senior Pool 1
MacMichael v Alsop
Snowdon v Carr
Nield v MacMichael
Alsop v Snowdon
Carr v Nield
MacMichael v Snowdon
Alsop v Carr
Nield v Snowdon
MacMichael v Carr
Alsop v Nield

Senior Pool 2
Hildreth v Baird
Hodge v Bergstein
Plummer v Hildreth
Hodge v Baird
Bergstein v Plummer
Hildreth v Hodge
Baird v Bergstein
Plummer v Hodge
Hildreth v Bergstein
Baird v PlummerYouth Pool 1
Raper v Baird
Foster v Perry
Raper v Cooper
Foster v Baird
Perry v Cooper
Raper v Foster
Baird v Perry
Cooper v Foster
Raper v Perry
Baird v CooperYouth Pool 2
Plummer v Bodman
Horsfield v Laws
Plummer v Darragh
Horsfield v Bodman
Laws v Darragh
Plummer v Horsfield
Bodman v Laws
Horsfield v Darragh
Plummer v Laws
Bodman v Darragh

VX Pro Court

Its exciting times in the history of VX, with VX Pro Launch on the 6th April and now the new court design that will allow our sport to have a higher profile wherever we go with music, throwdowns and fan interaction……. bring it on guys.

The new VX Pro Court