Global VX Award Scheme

Global VX Awards Badge’s are being rolled out in England Scotland and USA, The scheme is to reward people for the skills that they have learnt during club and school sessions. They consist of, Orange, Green and Blue to start with and these are aimed at the younger age range and then we will have the Bronze, Silver and Gold for our older members.

We would like to thank the Kirkbymoorside Bullz for being our guinea pigs during the set up stage, it was important that we got it right with regards to the skills and at what level they should be pitched at.

All that in place we are now ready to roll it out, though we are looking for sponsors to help reduce the costs or the resource materials and would welcome any contacts that members may have.

Global VX would like to congratulate the following members for being the first to complete their badges.

Heidi Gibson

Luke Pennock Buttery

Josh Pennock Buttery

Pippa Rawson

Sam Rawson

Kirkbymoorside Community School were the first school to participate and we would like to thank them for their help and well done to the following pupils for successfully completing their Orange badge: