Global VX gratefully recognises the immense support of Ripon Lions

Statement from Global VX Commissioner Craig Buttery:

We have just had confirmation that Ripon Lions are making a substantial donation to Global VX for the running of the VX Games 2015. This will help with the costs of medals and venue hire and is a massive help. Ripon Lions have been good friends to the sport of VX for several years and have been very supportive on many occasions in many ways, however this is the largest donation they have made and is more help than they know.

We really value our relationship with Ripon Lions and are proud that there is so much cross-over between Lionism and the core values of VX. VX has a great impact in the community, gives opportunities to young people, is accessible to people of all abilities from all walks of life, builds bridges and links communities. Ripon Lions know that we are a young sport struggling for funds and their ongoing support has been invaluable. On this occasion we are expecting players from a wider range of countries than ever and the help from Ripon Lions is making this event possible.

To the Ripon Lions Club – thank you so much for this donation and also thank you all for your support on so many other occasions – and for your vision in recognising the impact of our sport.