VISION SPORT press cutting – NEW VISION, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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After a training stint in England, VX Uganda CEO James Hashindihe is optimistic that the future of the new indoor sport is brighter in Uganda.

“Though we did not get material help, we fetched resourceful information which is very important for capacity development,” Hashindihe said.

“This is a valuable experience which will help us as we develop our national squad ahead of the world cup. I’m delighted to be here – and today’s experience at the conference was great fun. We met some great people and the impact of VX is always the same,” he said.

Hashindihe and VX Uganda head coach Gerald Kanyesigye returned from UK recently after a month-long training stint in England.

England head coach Paul Hildreth who facilitated the pair pledged to help to develop the new indoor sport in Uganda.

“We are delighted to have Gerald and James stay with us and work with us for a month,” Hildreth said.

VX is an indoor sport played using stingers (stick-like tabs) to scoop the ball and target the opponents body. For direct hit on the body, the shooter earns a point.