VX on Transworld Sport


Falkirk Cannons to make their TV debut!

In February Channel 4’s Transworld Sport spent two days filming Scotland’s top VX Club, the Falkirk Cannons and the results will be shown at 0700 on Saturday April 5th.

The Cannons who have 2012 Youth V2 World Champion Meghan Plummer and 2011 V2 World Champion Scott MacMichael in their ranks set the pace in Scotland having won the Scottish title several times and also the UK Club Championships.

Transworld Sport filmed the Cannons in training on the squash court and at landmarks in the local area, also interviewing the players and head coach Gordon Archibald who also leads the Scottish VX Association.

Global VX Commissioner Craig Buttery was delighted with the Cannons’ achievement: “Transworld Sport is a very important TV programme in the world of sport and we are delighted for the Cannons that they are being featured.  We are very proud of all that Gordon and his colleagues have achieved with VX in Scotland.  We’re also proud of the Cannons who set the benchmark for achievement in Scotland and it is fantastic that they were chosen by Transworld Sport.  VX is a fantastic new sport that has come a very long way in a short time.  It is inclusive and accessible to all and we are delighted that people are now starting to recognise the amazing impact that it has wherever it is played.”

Paul Hildreth, one of the inventors of the sport was equally delighted: “Nothing I have ever done in my life has the impact that VX has and I love the fact that the sport now has an opportunity to be seen by more people.  I am blown away by the work done by so many volunteers around the world who have taken this and worked so hard to grow our sport and I am delighted for the Cannons that they are getting this recognition.”

The feature can be seen on Transworld Sport on Saturday April 5th at 0700 and then on Channel 4+1 at 0800.


Well done the Cannons!