Who is playing who

Below are the games to be played in each pool this year and includes both age levels it will be interesting to see whether Scott MacMichael (Senior) and Dan Raper (Youth) can retain their tiles this year. It is interesting to see that CArl Alsop winner of the inaugural V2 World Cup in 2010 is back in the fray and of course we have last years runner up in Tom Hildreth. Matti Bergstien from Denmark who surprised us last year will be here once again so all in all the Senior competition looks set to be a doozy.

The Youth competition has the much like Megan Plummer who will push Dan Raper for top spot and Matty Horsfield showed great promise but the rest of the field are unknown quantity at this level which makes for a very interesting competition.

Senior Pool 1
MacMichael v Alsop
Snowdon v Carr
Nield v MacMichael
Alsop v Snowdon
Carr v Nield
MacMichael v Snowdon
Alsop v Carr
Nield v Snowdon
MacMichael v Carr
Alsop v Nield

Senior Pool 2
Hildreth v Baird
Hodge v Bergstein
Plummer v Hildreth
Hodge v Baird
Bergstein v Plummer
Hildreth v Hodge
Baird v Bergstein
Plummer v Hodge
Hildreth v Bergstein
Baird v PlummerYouth Pool 1
Raper v Baird
Foster v Perry
Raper v Cooper
Foster v Baird
Perry v Cooper
Raper v Foster
Baird v Perry
Cooper v Foster
Raper v Perry
Baird v CooperYouth Pool 2
Plummer v Bodman
Horsfield v Laws
Plummer v Darragh
Horsfield v Bodman
Laws v Darragh
Plummer v Horsfield
Bodman v Laws
Horsfield v Darragh
Plummer v Laws
Bodman v Darragh