Why Strength Training for VX?

You may be wondering why strength and conditioning is suddenly becoming necessary for VX Athletes.

Hopefully this short article will help explain the rationale behind implementing an S&C program as well
as provide you with some insight into how it can personally benefit you as an athlete.

Strength training is much more than simply lifting weights to build big muscles. While increasing
muscle mass may be a part of strength training, it is not the end all goal. In fact, a proper strength and
conditioning program develops many different strength qualities at once in order to create a much more
capable and multi-faceted athlete.

As I’m sure you are all aware, VX is a sport requiring skill, speed, power, coordination, agility, muscular
endurance, as well as high levels of aerobic and anaerobic endurance. These qualities, and others, will
be developed much more quickly and in higher levels by a properly targeted strength and conditioning
program than by merely playing the sport alone. It will also help address and correct muscle imbalances
that can lead to injuries which may be caused by sport training alone. In fact, almost every athletic
program in the world, regardless of sport, uses some type of strength and conditioning program to
enhance the performance of its athletes.

Regardless of sport, a solid foundation in General Physical Preparation (GPP) is necessary for all athletes.
GPP is what gives athletes the ability to run faster, jump higher, throw harder, and play longer. The
main goal of GPP is to develop work capacity. Increased work capacity gives you the ability to resist
fatigue and also allows you to maintain high levels of technical skill even after becoming fatigued.
Athletes at all levels of play are subject to fatigue. Our goal is to minimize its impact and increase
mental toughness to allow you to continue to play through it.

Beginning with the Athletic Warm-up video which is now available on VX TV, we will systematically
implement a series of monthly workouts which will build a strong foundation of general physical
preparation and slowly transition into specific physical preparation for VX Sport.

I am very excited about this program and sincerely looking forward to working together with all VX
players and coaches worldwide to grow stronger, more capable, and higher level players from the
ground up!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions at jhaas@vxpro.biz

Train Hard!

Jon Haas
VX Worldwide Strength & Conditioning Coach